Six Amazon failed projects

Fire Phone
The “Fire Phone” was introduced in 2014 and might be one of the biggest failures of Amazon. “Fire Phone” was designed to be one of the advanced smartphones on the market at its time but it could not compete with its major competitors at the time that were Apple and Samsung. The price for Amazon phone was 199$ but the company reduced the price continually until it reached 99 cents and still it did not have customer to buy it. The project ended on 2015.

Amazon Local Register
In order to support and help small businesses, Amazon made a card processing device that connects to a smartphone and help merchants to have their card payments through Amazon device. “Amazon Local Register” was priced lower than its competitors such as PayPal but it was not successful and did not had the attention of merchants and finally Amazon closed this service about a year after it was introduced.
Amazon lunched an online fashion shop focused on shoes and accessories called “” on 2007 but eventually in 2012, they merged the into

The aim of “Destinations” project by Amazon was to find hotel offers and deals through Amazon Destinations website. It was lunched in April 2015 and did not last longer than October 2015.

Amazon Wallet
“Amazon Wallet” was lunched in 2014 as an Android app with the aim of storing gift cards and loyalty cards for different stores. The project was canceled about six months after its beginning. Although Amazon still has its own online payment system known as “Pay with Amazon” but, it does not have an app for smartphones.

Music Importer
“Music importer” platform was lunched in 2012 with the aim of letting users to upload their music to the cloud and have an online library for their music. After a while Amazon added another service for streaming music from the cloud (similar to Spotify) called “Prime Music” and at last they canceled the “Music Importer” project.


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