From “BUZZ” to “Boomerang effect”

One of the first popular Instant messaging services that we remember it with the sound of dial-up modems is “Yahoo Messenger”. It used to be very popular and convenient for people to chat with their friends in real time but the speed of technology progress is too high that soon other apps and services with new ideas and features replaced “Yahoo Messenger” forever.

Many apps were developed and used but not for so long. While we were making more progress in the world of IT, the invention of smart phones was a game changer for every industry specially for instant messaging services. It was never been easier to connect to people and our friends in a few seconds. One of the successful instant messaging apps that changed the understanding of instant messaging for us is Instagram.

Instagram was launched in 2010 with the purpose of photo and video sharing network service. Soon the app got more and more popular and it has saved its place on almost every smartphone! Instagram became an interesting platform to share photos and daily activities with friends or make them visible to the public but, it did not finish there and it was the beginning of its new purpose for some businesses and companies. Since many people were on Instagram, companies and small business owners decided to join Instagram and attract their future customers on it. Not so longer after that, Instagram decided to make a special place for advertisements on the platform and make money from the ads as well.
Instagram got so much popular in the world and for some countries it became the only or the most social media app. For example, due to the internet filtering and denial of access to some services such as YouTube, Facebook and TikTok in Iran, the most popular social media app is Instagram.

Although there are many other social media apps with better or newer capabilities, it is highly unlikely that Instagram goes down to the history soon and the created network between people remains the same but, still every social media app tries to be creative or show new features to their customers and try to have the attentions that might lead to winning the competition of the IM apps. After all, there has been a lot of surprises and unthinkable progresses and destructions in the digital world.

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