The Case for Copyright Reform; Chapter 2 | Personal review

In general, I agree with the goal of the writer about Copyright laws and how they have changed during time. In my opinion many of copyright laws were established to protect authors and creators against commercial use or unethical use at the beginning but after some time, there were new methods and models to somehow bypass the copyright laws. In fact, I believe in some cases Copyright laws have made more damage to authors, artist and businesses. For example, in the past copying a music for personal use was not a problem until the internet connections were widely got in use and it led many people to copy or send their music with the new method. Since this method was never been this easy, people got used to it so soon and it somehow affected the artist’s profit. After some time Copyright laws were established and people got restricted from what they were doing but after some years, we can observe the results of the Copyright laws. People still download their music, some legally and some illegally! The interesting point is the term “legally” that is being used these day and it refers to downloading music through some services such as “iTunes”. The artists have to make some contracts with these platforms in order to receive their benefits and thanks to the Copyright laws, these platforms have been created and they make good profit! Using Copyright laws to benefit from authors works does not seem much more ethical than the old downloading or copying music!

I think copyright laws should stick with commercial use and for personal use of people instead of restrictions, the proper education should have been replaced. If people were educated about authors’ rights, it could have been a better situation. These laws have many drawback such as adding a “criminal activity” tag to anyone who downloads some music for example. The other important factor is that with all these laws, organizations or law enforcements have got an excuse to interfere with people’s privacy and personal life that is not ethical at all.

In my opinion having Copyright laws is good and it can help many businesses but it surely needs many reforms specially about people’s private life.

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