Being an IT Pro in Iran

Since the home computers have been introduced, many people had difficulties accepting the new technology to their lives. This resistance of people became less and less everyday when home computers have found their way to people’s houses and became one of the most important parts of people’s lives. The same progress has happened in all countries but nowadays the definition of IT professionals and IT related jobs is very different from one country to another.

People in Iran has tried well to adapt themselves to the new technologies but there has been a lot of issues preventing them from their progress such as the language. Iranians’ official language is Persian and this language is not well supported on different platforms, OS, etc. On the other hand, the English language learning path in schools is not so practically sufficient therefore, they try to work with computers but many of them may not understand what exactly is going on. This issue impacted people’s understanding about technology, different IT jobs, IT professionals, etc. So, whenever you faced an Iranian guy that expect from an IT professional to install OS, program in different languages, know all about networks, servers and datacenters, repairing laptops and PCs, installing screen protectors on phones, what is cloud and even “please hack my friend’s Instagram account!” request, try not to be too surprised!!!

There are some points about IT professionals in Iran that might be different from other countries. Academic education is required by many companies although there are not so many practical learning outcomes from them and not all the fields are covered in the universities such as cyber security.
IT professionals in order to satisfy employers and improve their knowledge, they usually take different courses at institutions and get certified. Certifications are so important in Iran specially if the certification is international rather than the local institutions.
The employers expect IT professionals to know everything! For example, if an IT professional wants to work as an IT administrator, the employer wants the candidate know about the maintenance of PCs and laptops, knowledge of Linux, Windows, Windows server and MacOS, networking (based on different platforms as well such as Cisco and MikroTik), virtualization, printers, CCTV, websites and SEO, posting new contents on the website, programming, Microsoft services such as Active directory, wireless, etc. Basically, the employers expect a team’s responsibilities from one person!

Unfortunately, the concept and implementation of security best practices are fancy for so many businesses and people and that is one of the reasons that not so many Iranian IT professionals know about security.

As there are many topics that is expected from an IT professional in Iran, some of them have got deep knowledge in every aspects by researches and experience that have made them a true IT professional indeed.

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