Being a hacker in 2020s

Hackers’ ethics, ideology, methods and perspectives have changed a lot from the past. In the old days, a typical hacker was someone who tries hard to improve his/her knowledge, understand how everything is working and their intention about hacking something or someone was more meaningful. Nowadays, with the huge expansion of connectivity and the internet, the contribution and community of the hackers has grown so well but there are some negative points about it.

First of all, the community growth and having access to many use cases and available tools, have made our hackers lazy and demotivated to create or build something by their own. As time has went by, the number of hackers has increased, their impact on the systems and networks has increased and the willingness to be a professional hacker and gain the necessary knowledge and experience has decreased. This is the result of many issues such as the wide availability of ready-to-use tools in the communities and the market.
Second, the intention of the hackers has changed during different time periods. If we consider passion, freedom, work ethic, money ethic, network ethic, caring and creativity to be the main values of being a hacker so far, there are a few more intentions has recently added to them. Two of these intentions are willing to disobey and destroy. In author’s opinion, they might seem similar to the “freedom” value of a hacker but in fact they are not. If we look at human behavior, we can observe the willingness to disobey from the systems, cultures, religions, laws, etc. This issue can be observed during the history of the man kind. About the willing to destroy, many people deeply love to show their power and capabilities at any cost, even if it causes someone else damage. These intentions are mostly hidden in people and because of reasons such as social communications and public reputation can be achieved in the digital world with hidden identity and with a mask on!

Considering all the factors, now we can understand that why we have too much script kiddies today and what is the reason for their work.

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