Rule Utilitarism theory about IT world

Rule Utilitarism theory simply indicates that the right rule is the one that make all parties happier. If we want to take one sample of our IT world and compare it to Rule Utilitarism theory, the best one would be the Copyright.
Copyright rules and restrictions have their own pros and cons but, if we compare it to the mentioned theory and observe people’s happiness, we can see that something does not match. Although Copyright rules help businesses, artists, etc. they have caused many problems for daily life such as sharing a short video of your day on social media that got banned because the background music did not satisfy the Copyright rules!
Copyright rules were made to protect people, ideas and business owners and it was not so hard to dealt with but nowadays, it got out of hand!
These rules make some parties happy for sure, but many parties are not, and it is completely against Rule Utilitarism theory. At this point the question would be “why following the Rule Utilitarism theory is not important for the ones who make decisions”

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